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Bubble gun a big success

The Dawn Jogger picked up a bubble gun when she was at the Connoisseurs’ Marketplace thinking it would be a good little surprise to take to Grace when she visited for dinner. She was right, it was a hit. Not … Continue reading

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Remembering two great Dads – and saluting new Papa John

The Dawn Jogger was lucky indeed to be adopted by John W. Hubbard (aka Booka) – and lucky enough to marry the male DJ, who, in turn, was a superb father to son John. Now the torch is passed to … Continue reading

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James Henry Getze makes his debut – right on schedule!

Giants first baseman Audrey Huff promised his wife, who was born on June 2, a break out game. So he hit three home runs today against St. Louis. The Dawn Jogger kept promising her good friends Terye (they were in … Continue reading

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