Snowy day in New York

Snowy weather in NYC on 1/7/11

The female Dawn Jogger was not in New York before the blizzard on 12/26/10, so she doesn’t know how big a deal the media made of it in advance. But they’ve been talking about today’s snow for the last five days, seemingly non-stop with shot after shot of snow plows in the ready. This time the City would be ready.

But for what? The flakes were plump and steady through mid-afternoon, but ultimately didn’t amount to much – at least on the streets of Midtown where she spent all day with a friend, first at MOMA for extended period and later to a smaller but interesting design museum at  Columbus Circle. The bare spots in Central Park have been filled in, though.

In the process she found it was hard to take a good snow shot. The Park shot included with this post was taken at about 10:00 am but doesn’t do justice. More shots taken from her friend’s digs on 55th weren’t better. Hmmm, guess she needs Snow Photography 101….

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