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Getting patriotic as 4th of July weekend nears

The Dawn Jogger was on the home stretch this morning, just needing to cross the San Francisquito Bike Bridge and jog up Bay Laurel to home, when a mom and son passed her by. On the back of the tandem … Continue reading

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Did the ‘revenue generators’ move the red canoe?

A couple of days ago, the Dawn Jogger spied some young people who were taking advantage of one of Stanford’s summer “revenue generating” opportunities eying the somewhat landlocked red canoe at Lake Lagunita. On her jog this morning, she noticed … Continue reading

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The tomatoes are caged

The Dawn Jogger admits she didn’t know much about caging tomatoes – and she doesn’t remember the male DJ doing so. But he could have, that was how little attention she paid to what went into gardening as opposed to … Continue reading

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Red canoe takes center stage

The Dawn Jogger has always thought it somewhat ironic that she sees considerably more people around the Stanford campus during the summer than she does during the school year. This is due, of course, to the various “revenue generators” that … Continue reading

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Late June update on Grace’s garden

The Dawn Jogger is not a gardener, rather she is an appreciator of gardens and, in particular, the bounty of vegetable gardens. But given that the male DJ loved gardening and built a garden in 2010 for granddaughter Grace, it … Continue reading

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Berry picking, bunnies and then a dandelion

After her preschool recital on Friday night, Grace came home for an overnight with the Dawn Jogger. That made it easy for the two of them to get up on Saturday morning and go berry picking at Webb Ranch. The … Continue reading

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Two boat study number whatever

Lake Lagunita shrinks even more but the two boats that first appeared at the beginning of the month. The Dawn Jogger wonders who will claim them when the water disappears altogether. Not a bad way to start a summer day…

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A little history along with a morning jog

Trying to stay on the flat more, the Dawn Jogger has been returning to longer Stanford campus runs of the type the DJs and loyal dog Cassie did at least three times a week. You never know what you’re going … Continue reading

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In celebration of a hot summer solstice

The Dawn Jogger was again up early and she’s never seen more folks out – all in attempt to beat the heat of the day to come. To keep up the poetry reading begun when her friend was in town … Continue reading

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You know it’s going to be a hot day when…

…you’re up as early as 5:30 in the morning and there’s no fog bank on the western hills. Given that she was awake early and heard that temps would reach the 90s – even on the Peninsula – the Dawn … Continue reading

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