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Nothing says Christmas like grandkids!

Grace awoke this morning and announced that Santa had whispered “Merry Christmas” to her. She found he’d left a gigantic doll house for her and a rocking horse with a jaunty baseball head for James. Before the excitement of the … Continue reading

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Nothing like Christmas Eve to excite little girls

The Dawn Jogger headed to Oakland on Christmas Eve afternoon to spend the night with Grace and the gang in anticipation of Santa’s visit. First on the “to do” list was the 4:30 service at St. John’s, an Episcopal church … Continue reading

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Dawn jog eclipsed by visit with Santa

The Dawn Jogger saw a spectacular red sunrise this morning as she was making her way across the Stanford golf course and around Lake Lagunita. But that sight was eclipsed by Grace’s visit with Santa at the Stanford Shopping Center … Continue reading

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It’s Halloween and we’re having fun

So, for the record, the Dawn Jogger was out on her neighborhood circuit well before dawn. One reason is that even though it’s pitch black out, she was wide awake by 5:00 am and decided she might as well get … Continue reading

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Grace in the gray of the morning – and in the person of the same name

The Dawn Jogger does feel like a bit of a whiner, complaining about her over the top full days, especially when they are so pleasant. Today began with a hike with friend and InMenlo contributing photographer Frances Freyberg at the … Continue reading

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Today it’s James in the spotlight

The Dawn Jogger was up before sunrise this morning (now that sunrise is so “late”) in anticipation of a big day that starred grandson James, who was baptized by Trinity Church rector the Rev. Matthew Dutton-Gillette. He was dressed in … Continue reading

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Last hurrah for Grace’s Garden, summer 2011 vintage

While there is another little person who comes along on Sunday family visits, the Dawn Jogger still refers to the assembled crew as “Grace and the gang.” And upon arrival today (largely ignoring baby brother James except for the obligatory … Continue reading

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Bubble gun a big success

The Dawn Jogger picked up a bubble gun when she was at the Connoisseurs’ Marketplace thinking it would be a good little surprise to take to Grace when she visited for dinner. She was right, it was a hit. Not … Continue reading

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Remembering two great Dads – and saluting new Papa John

The Dawn Jogger was lucky indeed to be adopted by John W. Hubbard (aka Booka) – and lucky enough to marry the male DJ, who, in turn, was a superb father to son John. Now the torch is passed to … Continue reading

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James Henry Getze makes his debut – right on schedule!

Giants first baseman Audrey Huff promised his wife, who was born on June 2, a break out game. So he hit three home runs today against St. Louis. The Dawn Jogger kept promising her good friends Terye (they were in … Continue reading

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