Spectacular sunrise, well sort of

The Dawn Jogger could tell that the sunrise was going to be spectacular this morning when she saw the first hint of bright red on the horizon as she crossed Sand Hill Road. The question: Could you make it across the two fairways of the Stanford golf course and then to the rise near Lake Lagunita fast enough? No, was the answer, nothing to see at that point.

But by the time she’s circled the Lake and was by the Don and Robin Kennedy Kosher House, another show had started. The truth, though, is that it wasn’t quite as brilliant as the photo shows, a rare example of the camera capturing something more spectacular than the eye. Meanwhile she’s wondering if the egret who had the lake pond almost itself is the same one photographer Laura Hamilton photographed on Big Dish land. In the past, she’s seen “big” birds roam between Dish and Lake…

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