The art of the herd

cattle on Big Dish land, January 2011

So, to all those friends who have been shivering while the San Francisco Bay Area basked in sunshine, winter – or at least as it’s experienced here – crept back in today. There was no glorious sunrise this morning, no glowing globe, instead dense, drippy, bone-chilling fog. As well as the Dawn Jogger knows her way across the first and second fairway of the Stanford golf course, she found herself swerving from side to side and losing her way – the usual sideline markers were invisible. Once on the Dish paved roadways, it was easier to stay on course, but much like a week ago, Big Dish itself could only be seen in silhouette. Some of the photographs she took were just a mass of dots – what heavy fog looks like captured by her trusty Lumix. That she snapped a Wyeth-like inspired photo of the herd was all the more satisfactory. Forecast is for rain, alas…

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