Weathering the elements on Windy Hill

Herd of deer at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

Earlier in the week – when it was warm and sunny – the Dawn Jogger had earmarked today for a long hike up Windy Hill and back down Hamm’s Gulch or maybe even Razorback Ridge trail. The idea was to pack both lunch and a special cargo and enjoy the glorious green countryside. But the weatherman didn’t cooperate and she awoke this morning to rain. After lunch, she decided to go anyway, shortening the trip to the five mile up and back, leaving from the Portola Rd. parking lot. For awhile, she thought she’d over-prepared, with all the rain gear she was wearing. But about 3/4  of the way up, the Irish mist blew in, pausing only briefly while she was at the summit to reveal, momentarily, blue skies – it was just perfect. The deserted hiking path meant lots of wildlife viewing…

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