On the look out for old landmarks

The Dawn Jogger is spring training bound, staying with two classmates from Hillview School days. Her mother always told her she took swimming lessons – with Olympic bound Dick Roth, no less – at Tom’s parents’ house. And Terri’s house was the first place she ever felt like an authentic princess, what with its grand staircase, high ceilings, and many rooms. It was one of the original Atherton estate homes, and unlike many others, is still standing. Remembering those long ago but good childhood memories, she decided to do a six mile loop through neighboring town of Atherton, which she found surprisingly busy on a non-school day morning, largely due to all the construction. What she didn’t find was a good view of Terri’s old home. Like many other homes in Atherton, it’s now protected from the street by a high wall and gate. At least it was good exercise…

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