On the day Chris would have turned 60

Chris Gulker at demonstration late 70s/early 80s

Chris Gulker January 2009The Dawn Jogger is under pressure to be profound on the day spouse Chris Gulker would have turned 60 years old. It was a milestone that the DJs talked a lot about, both together and with their friends. There would be a bash of some kind – a celebration of not just age but outliving the four-year life expectancy given when his glioma was first diagnosed.

But, of course, it was not to be. He died right “on schedule” on October 27, almost four years to the day of initial diagnosis. He was, as he related on gulker.com and told the many visitors who came to see him, “ready to go.” Mobility was becoming ever more challenging and a host of other irritating issues, though not painful, greatly diminished quality of life.

The male DJ didn’t give up. He just recognized his time had come and accepted death with courage and grace. Those of us who are left behind miss him and continue to feel his presence even in his physical absence.

So this morning she got up and jogged the one route that they, along with great dog Cassie, jogged the most frequently – a five mile loop of the Stanford campus. Not knowing what else to say or do, the female Dawn Jogger decided to try to say it in photos – the contrast of the wild young man she feel in love with (well sort of, he’d added a beard by the time they met in 1980 and thankfully chucked the awful shirt and glasses) and the mature man she continued to love. How fitting that there is a camera in his hands in both photos…

Photo of mature Chris taken by Anne Knudsen.

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2 Responses to On the day Chris would have turned 60

  1. Barb Slaton says:

    Chris, a beloved man of keen intelligence and uncommon kindness. We miss you so.

  2. Marty Arscott says:

    Happy Birthday, Chris! I so wish you were right here in body celebrating with me. I would love to have seen the sparkle in your eye and the smirk on your face as you celebrated being younger than me by 2 days. Well, you’ve now gotten to the next station first, so you’ll be OLDER than I am there. What a kick if you are still finding this stuff humorous ~ somehow, I think you are!

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