Rained out – and a return to the archive

Shadowy Dawn Joggers and Cassie

Yes it was Wednesday Dish morning but not only was it raining steadily but the DJ had to run son John to the train – and get to an early morning InMenlo assignment. So the stars aligned to sleep in a bit, catching up on some exercise in the afternoon by walking her tax package up to UPS at Sharon. (Alas, not the package going to the IRS/state but rather the tax preparer. Yep, she’s a bit tardy on this task.)

She had occasion to be looking through the male DJs iPhoto after lunch today and came across this photo from? [She wishes she’d jotted down the date and is too lazy to start the search over.] She’s guessing that it was in the early 2000s, as Cassie the Australian Shepherd was still running with the Dawn Joggers. Those mornings when we were a trio remain precious…

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