Another day filled with Grace

So maybe the Dawn Jogger has not been feeling at her tippy top best. The current malaise was dissected in details last night over dinner with friend Kay. No conclusions (other than the obvious).

Luckily today was not the time for introspection. Grace was in the house, brought over for a visit by her Dad. It was a rainy morning and time for more March Madness, so the trio headed over to the Dutch Goose for lunch, always a destination when sports events are going on. It was Grace’s initiation to the Goose and, like children before her, she was easily distracted by the scene and a toy from a vending machine.

After an attempt at a nap, it was down to Oak Knoll School for some play, where she found one big ball. Amidst it all there was basketball. Loved the Butler win, hated the Arizona loss…

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