One more sporting event – accomplished!

NCAA Final Four at Relaint Stadium in HoustonThe Dawn Jogger has seen a number of baseball playoffs games (National and American League and a bunch of Rose Bowl games (go Bruins!). She attended the entire 2002 World Series and numerous events at the 1984 Olympics. Now she can take the NCAA Final Four off her “must-see sporting event” list, having joined friends in Houston for the event, on a “why not?” It is an amazing spectacle to see rabid fans of all ages work themselves to froth-like conditions – and watch basketball played in a football stadium filled with 75,000 people. Not to mention the two hard fought games that made her tense even though she didn’t really have a clear favorite. Let’s just say the VCU and Kentucky folks were a subdued group post game time. And now she has a team to root for. Go Butler!

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