The wonder of found art

found art at Lake Lagunita

Yesterday the Dawn Jogger had the pleasure of spending an hour with one of the preeminent collectors of contemporary craft in the country for an InMenlo story. The conversation inevitably turned to “what is art.” While portions of her collection have been exhibited in museums across the country and there’s a permanent collection at the DeYoung, there are those in the art world who don’t consider the items in her collection “real art.”

So, it was good happenstance this morning for the Dawn Jogger to spot some “found art” on what was once the beach of Lake Lagunita (back when it was a recreational lake). That’s been part of the fun of jogging the Stanford campus; over the years she’s come upon what appears to be some kind of art project numerous times. But it’s always hard to figure out what is art and what is the end product of one too many beers. Were the objects carefully placed with thought? Or were they just tossed helter skelter and took an an art-like look? Then again, in the case of this morning’s object, was it just a failed bonfire? She will never know…

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