Seasons continue, the marriage does not

Lily the dog
Life in the Bay Area is marked not only by nature’s changing season but also by commercial seasons. That first became clear to the female Dawn Jogger last year when crab season opened and Peet’s released its Holiday Blend. How strange it was to greet these late Fall milestones without the male DJ by her side. Yes, she enjoyed the first of the season crab with John and Julie (Grace doesn’t seemed to have yet acquired a taste) as usual. And yes, she bought and used Holiday Blend as long as it was available. But it all seemed a bit hollow.

Now another season of milestones has begun. Peet’s released its Anniversary Blend and the salmon season is set to begin on May 1, meaning fresh fish at Menlo Park’s Sunday farmers market. She had one of those moments that she’s told other widows and widowers have when she walked into Peet’s this morning and saw the Anniversary Blend display. The thought formed before it was edited: “Can’t wait to tell Chris that the Anniversary Blend is here.”

No Chris to tell. No longer married. But thanks to the grace of God, a walk with Scott and Lily in the afternoon to talk things over. No excuse that she didn’t get her own photograph of Miss LilyPad, who was, all in all, a good dog today… 

Photo by Chris Gulker

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