John W. Hubbard: On the centennial of his birth

John W. Hubbard born April 22, 1911

That Earth Day came along 41 years ago and picked April 22 as its date paid perfect homage to the Dawn Jogger’s father, John W. Hubbard, born on that date 100 years ago today. He was a steward of the earth before it was fashionable. He did it because it was the right thing to do, which is how he carried out other aspects of his life.

Outdoorsman, scratch golfer in his younger years (he shot 89 when he was 89), avid amateur photographer, World War II vet, businessman so loyal to his company that he spent his entire professional life with one firm, a “true gentleman” as cousin Robin has said repeatedly over the years.

But more than anything else, he was devoted husband to his beloved Ede, wonderful father (to both Dawn Joggers) and a doting grandfather. He was the Johnny of his youth who became John as an adult until his 15-month old namesake – John Hubbard Getze – uttered the words “Booka.” Why Booka no one could determine but it was Booka he remained.

Of the Hubbard and Reid clans, he was the last of his generation to die. That he did so on December 5th, the birthday of his grandson, remains more comforting than disturbing.

Photo taken by son-in-law Chris Gulker during the 80s in Southern California, where Booka and Nan visited often before the DJs moved north.

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