Enjoying a Grace-filled Easter

easter egg hunt

Young Bruin fansThe Dawn Jogger is having a wonderful Easter day. She admits getting a little misty last night when she hid the eggs in the backyard – the first time in 30 years that she’d done that duty alone. (Ok, he will be embarrassed by this but John enjoyed an egg hunt long into his adulthood and has only been “saved” since becoming a father.)

After the church service – filled with all the traditional hymns – Grace participated in the egg hunt and bubble blowing at Trinity. Then back to the house for another egg hunt – the backyard is near perfect for hiding eggs. She then discovered that the Easter Bunny had left some Bruin wear for her and soon-to-be-born brother James.

After lunch, it was time for the new Easter tradition, be it early or late – time to plant seeds in the Grace’s garden, which made its debut last year and was the activity that she and Grandpa Chrisie shared. All agree – perfect way to remember him. And the best news, Grace really got into the planting.

Now the Easter ham is in oven. And John is right, it does make the house smell good…

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