Day of Grace at the Oakland Zoo

sky ride at Oakland Zoo

With Julie feeling very pregnant with all the attendant aches and pains, the Dawn Jogger set out to the East Bay this morning for an outing to the Oakland Zoo with Grace and John. The Zoo is perfect  for the 8 and under set – l0ts of things around to climb on, exhibits that can be viewed from various perspectives and a great kiddie ride area. In her previous visits, the sky ride that take riders up a hill high above the zoo, had never been open. Grace, who’s been there many more times, hadn’t seen the Zoo from a bird’s eye view either. So it was the first thing the three of them did. She was a little fearful at the beginning, being up so high, but was in the swing of things after just a minute or so. And relaxed enough for a wave as they turned to go back down the hill…

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