A little history along with a morning jog

Trying to stay on the flat more, the Dawn Jogger has been returning to longer Stanford campus runs of the type the DJs and loyal dog Cassie did at least three times a week. You never know what you’re going to see on campus, never more so during the summer months when the various “revenue generators” appear in the forms of athletic camps, executive education and, in the case of this, morning, special colloquiums.

Even though it was well before most people’s breakfast or even wake up time, tables and chairs had been set out near Frost Amphitheater. The topic to be discussed – the 1641 Depositions (top of mind for the DJ, to be sure!). Just in case others are as equally uninformed: “The 1941 Depositions, held in the Library of Trinity College Dublin, are a collection of documents comprising some 8000 personal statements collected from (mainly Protestant) witnesses documenting their experiences of the Irish uprising that began in October 1641. Collected by government-appointed commissioners, the witness testimony runs to approximately 20,000 pages, and constitutes the chief evidence for the sharply contested allegation that the rebellion began with a general massacre of Protestant settlers. The 1641 Depositions are therefore a significant, yet controversial source of informationfor the causes and events surrounding the 1641 Rebellion and a unique account of the social, economic, cultural, religious, political and linguistic history of 17th century Ireland, England and Scotland.” OK, so now you know…

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