Last hurrah for Grace’s Garden, summer 2011 vintage

While there is another little person who comes along on Sunday family visits, the Dawn Jogger still refers to the assembled crew as “Grace and the gang.” And upon arrival today (largely ignoring baby brother James except for the obligatory pat on the head or mini hug), Grace clearly had an agenda: Let’s do all the Menlo Park activities (garden, school playground, wading pool). First up was the garden, which just may be one of the best ideas the DJ ever had. It’s now a bit past it’s peak. The sunflowers, which Grace planted as seeds, have been a tremendous success, but only one stalk was worth cutting for her to take home.

The tiny tomatoes which Grace quickly described as looking “just like Jelly Belly’s” were plentiful enough to pick, and the purple beans that turn green when cooked were also still producing. Combined with the Persian cucumbers, they made up a garden fresh salad that was part of their dinner. Shall we add that it was Grace who diligently plucked every stem from the tomatoes before putting them in the bowl? Clearly this is Nan’s descendant more than the DJ’s, bloodlines not withstanding…

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