10K kind of a morning filled with new and favorite sights

Turtle Pond in Central Park

sailboats on the Hudson RiverThe Dawn Jogger decided to explore a new park at a walking pace this morning, heading over to Riverside Park, which runs along the Hudson River on the far west side of Manhattan from about 72nd to 125th St and beyond. To get there meant crossing Central Park past two of her favorites, Turtle Pond (pictured) and Belvedere Castle. She never ceases to be amazed at how many turtles there are in Turtle Pond, even though it makes sense.

She followed 81st St. to Riverside Dr. and took the steps down to the palisades walkway. There’s a boat harbor at this end, with most of the sailboats moored on a workday Monday. Walking along the West side is a great morning activity as it’s shady, and on this day, quite pleasant temperature wise.

She came back along 110th St. (always thinks of the Springsteen), entering Central Park again with a detour to The Wright, the Guggenheim’s restaurant. for lunch. Her route map registered six plus miles, a good outing. Planning dinner on the terrace tonight and wishing it was less breezy…

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