This is your brain on ‘shrooms

The Dawn Jogger thinks this was a day where the stars were all aligned. Or misaligned, she’s not sure. She started well before dawn for a jaunt around Lake Lagunita and never actually saw the sun rise over the lake bed. She was just early enough, and the sun was just late enough.

Close to Sand Hill Rd near the Stanford Golf Course, she came upon this brain-like mushroom. She found it a fitting pictorial for the day ahead.  Oct. 14 has been designated as Dress Like Steve Jobs Day, which just happens to coincide with the one year anniversary of the male DJ’s determined announcement, “I’m going to die now.” With that on her mind, she headed up to UCSF to hear about brain cancer.

Vicki Kennedy, Ted’s widow was the keynote but most of the male DJ’s doctors and nurses were also in attendance. There were others like herself who had lost loved one and current UCSF patients. It was like reliving the blessing and curse. The blessing of the best of care. And the curse of dying…

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