Full day of sights in Londontown

The Dawn Jogger thinks of it as her memory march, the six mile loop that took her down Sloane to the Chelsea Bridge, then along the Thames to the Houses of Parliament, up through St. James Park by Buckingham Palace, returning to Hyde Park with a lunch stop at the Serpentine Cafe. All was easy to do (and cost free! – except for the food) and the perfect way to see London on a lovely fall day.

There is evidently some midterm school break and the streets are crowded with families, most of whom aren’t from the UK. She can’t begin to count the languages she heard and the costumes (of the non-Halloween variety) she saw.

She ended the day with a tourist stroll through Harrods. It was packed, but there was a scarcity of Harrods’ trademark green shopping bags, maybe not surprising given the jaw-dropping price of goods. That aside, if there is a more interesting department store in the whole world, she’d like to know about it

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