All about Grace day at preschool

When the Dawn Jogger, attending Grandparent day/Thanksgiving lunch at Grace’s preschool, learned it was “all about Grace day,” she wondered when it is not. (At least in the DJ’s mind; Grace is quite happy being a good little girl even when it’s not all about her.)

It was a triple play day: Grace got to share her Mr. Broccoli Man, plus talk about some collected photos displaying her four years on this earth (assisted by Miss Irene), and then take out all the items that start with G that she’d gathered at home last night. So for the DJ and her Pop Pop (Julie’s dad, also in attendance), it was a banner morning.

Other highlights included the singing of numerous songs, the most notable about a turkey from Albuquerque. Grace is now one of the “big kids” at her preschool and appears to be enjoying the role...

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