Nothing like Christmas Eve to excite little girls

The Dawn Jogger headed to Oakland on Christmas Eve afternoon to spend the night with Grace and the gang in anticipation of Santa’s visit. First on the “to do” list was the 4:30 service at St. John’s, an Episcopal church in their neighborhood. There Grace was delighted to find her friend from preschool, Catherine. At the invitation for “all the children, please come forward,” the pair took hands and marched up the aisle. Participation in the Christmas pageant is ad hoc with children raising their hands to take on the various roles. Catherine and Grace were sheep…

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Bedwell Bayfront continues its dawn magic

The Dawn Jogger admits that there’s an upside to wintertime’s short days. You don’t have to get up super early to see the sun rise. With cousins Karen and Tyler here overnight last night, she didn’t set out until after 7:00 am this morning, heading to Bedwell Bayfront for a “Wednesday walk” on a Friday morning. She was there in time for sun up and loved the way the sky was reflected in one of the salt ponds. And now hunkering down for Christmas…

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Seasonal frosty morning around the Lake

The talk in the Bay Area this December is the lack of rain. It has been uncharacteristically dry. But with clear skies come cool temperatures. The Dawn Jogger should have worn extra gloves this morning when she sprinted across the golf course in route to a loop around Lake Lagunita. Her fingers stayed icy. The irony: day time temperatures warm enough for students to get the lawn furniture out…

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Dawn on the Dish under the moonlight

cattle herd at Big Dish

The Dawn Jogger had seen evidence of this year’s herd when she walked the Dish last week. This morning they were there to greet her on her way up. None moved much and one ambled along in front of her. And she got a little bit of moonlight (tiny speck in upper right hand corner) with her sunrise…

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Is it really almost winter?

The Dawn Jogger looks at the calendar and then again at the trail underfoot. There are no soggy places, no puddles to jump over. And while she did have gloves on for the first half of a hike on Portola Valley trails this morning, they came off, the temperature warming up nicely.

She’d taken friend Amy and her two dogs on a trail covered many times by the DJs and trusty dog Cassie. It’s a good haul up and then a meandering down. Nice way to spend a very late Fall morning…

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Full on spirit in a Christmas tree hat

The Dawn Jogger walked to church this morning. It was one of her favorite services, Lessons & Carols. On the way back she did a little shopping at the Sunday farmer’s market. There she spotted a very Christmasy little girl. She said it was ok to take her photo…

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Encountering Mrs. Santa Claus on the bike bridge

The Dawn Jogger was taken aback a bit seeing the woman with Santa hat and Santa-like coat coming north as the San Mateo Bike Bridge as she was going south. Red shoes and white gloves topped off the outfit. And she was even carrying presents in her “sleigh”…

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