Two great NYC holiday treats tourists may overlook

Tourists come to NYC and like lemmings, amass at Rockefeller Center, clogging Fifth Ave. The Saks windows and other storefront displays are also the draw. But far fewer seem to find their way to two other NYC holiday gems.

The department store Bergdorf Goodman is also in Fifth Avenue, almost at Central Park. It’s windows are the most sublime and original in the City, or so the Dawn Jogger things.The bonus is that there are far fewer people (at least on a weekday) and one can stand for awhile before each window and really study its originality and complexity. A repeat visit, she’s sure, would reveal of whole new set of sights.

The other treat is the Holiday Train Show at the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx. While it’s billed as a train show, therefore drawing a horde of preschoolers on a late morning weekday, it’s really less about trains and more about fabulous reproductions of NYC landmarks, past and present, all made out of various plant parts. The intricacy is amazing, and well worth the short trip from Grand Central, although she admits the appeal will be greatest for those who know the City and its history. That said, some of the whimsical trains can surely bring a smile…

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Good Feast of the Immaculate Conception however you slice it

The Dawn Jogger happens to be born on the feast of the Immaculate Conception and happens to be celebrating her birthday in New York City. Her wish was to do a celebratory lunch at one of her longtime favorite restaurants, Balthazar. Wish granted. And do a lot of walking. Wish granted. Take in the in the tourist lights at Rockefeller Center. Wish granted. All in all a very good birthday day…

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In love with the Park even on a rainy day

Central Park December 2011The Dawn Jogger waited until shortly before noon to head out into Central Park today, hoping the rain would pass. But it just kept coming (and going and has continued to come and go). The net was a Park almost to herself, on a day when the few runners who were out midday wear wearing shorts, the temperature was so mild. It’s supposed to turn cold tomorrow.

She kept her weather watch from the front window of the apartment that she’s staying at. Most of the trees in the Park are now leafless. But like a welcoming bouquet, one was still shining in its golden-hued  glory…

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The wonderful and impossible to photograph Christmas tree

Some years ago the Dawn Joggers installed new lights in the Redwood tree that’s on the corner of their property. Many neighbors stopped by to thank them. Unfortunately the tree is impossible to photograph. Taken from Oak Ave., there’s a light post in the way. Taken from Oak Knoll (photo) there’s another tree that obscures the view. Some things just can’t get done…

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Starting to feel a lot like spring (not Christmas)

view from Big Dish

The Mid-Peninsula continues to bask under bright sunshine and 70 degree temperatures, hardly the kind of days to make one think about all things holly and jolly. It’s more the kind of day to don shorts and tank top and get out in nature.

The Dawn Jogger didn’t quite meet nature up close, choosing instead to do a new route that took her around both the Dish and Lake Lagunita. She was looking for more mileage (at least five miles) but less up and down.

Up top, you could see Mt. Diablo clearly and all the more southerly peaks like Hamilton. And along the ridge, she found evidence of a couple’s love…


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Great sunrise and wildlife, too

deer at Lake Lagunita

The gusty winds have chased all the ground fog out, which opens the possibility for pretty sunrises. The Dawn Jogger got that this morning and more. To her surprise, a trio of deer were grazing in the field just adjacent to Lake Lagunita. It’s been awhile since she’s seen deer on the Stanford campus…

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Bedwell Bayfront without a great sunrise

The pea soup fog that blanketed the Peninsula the last two mornings gave way to high overcast today. But that was enough to put a damper on the spectacular sunrises the Dawn Jogger is used to seeing on her Wednesday Bedwell Bayfront Wednesday outings. So she returned to a favorite subject, photographed over the years, a bicycle…

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Wandering predawn in pea soup fog

The news the last two mornings has been the dense valley fog that enveloped Menlo Park. It was thick enough this morning to be producing water droplets. Not being able to see forward, the Dawn Jogger looked down…

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Smart place for a cobweb?

The Dawn Jogger is not sure. But it did catch her eye as she was returning from a spin around Lake Lagunita on a morning when the tule fog was so think that you couldn’t see but a few feet in front of you. She does like coming upon the unexpected…

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Gold-leafed tree pretty as a picture

The Dawn Jogger wasn’t the only person to stop and admire this golden beauty of a tree that sits smack in the middle of the Stanford campus. Nothing like Fall on the Peninsula…

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