Cool, crisp and gorgeous – late Fall on the Peninsula

The Dawn Jogger got up well before sunrise this morning and headed out for a loop around frozen but waterless Lake Lagunita. There weren’t enough clouds in the sky to get a pretty sunrise, but she was rewarded on the way home. The just up sun hit the field by the horse paddocks almost perfectly (as least she thought so). A horse and its owner made the picture perfect…

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It’s a Bedwell Bayfront Wednesday and more reality orientation

birds at Bedwell Bayfront ParkThe Dawn Jogger returned to her Wednesday routine of walking Bedwell Bayfront Park at dawn, followed by Pilates. She’s seen some spectacular sunrises there – some of the best of the year – but it’s all about the juxtaposition of sky, clouds and sun. Today the alignment wasn’t optimal. But she did have a low tide, the first she remembers seeing early in the morning. And some “poser” birds…

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Return to reality and Big Dish

If there is a way to get back to “life as usual,” the Dawn Jogger can’t think of a better avenue than a walk up and around Big Dish from Piers Lane. She set out just a bit before dawn this morning, in time to see the sun come up behind the Dish. Near the Junipero Serra entrance, she spotted a Snowy Egret and wonders if it’s half of the same pair that appear around this time each year. Also spotted, evidence that the year’s herd has arrived. But not a youngster in sight…

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Farewell to New York City

Sunrise in New York, Dec 2011Thinking she had a morning flight home this today (well, she did until it got canceled two minutes after her arrival at JFK), the Dawn Jogger was up early enough to watch the sun come up. She is sad to leave New York City behind, but thankful for the memories. Now back to reality…

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Photo op at the Met that says it all

The temperature turned cooler today, and with the Met just blocks away from where she stays in New York, it was a good day to visit some old friends (the Impressionists galleries) and see a special exhibit that featured the collection of Alfred Stieglitz, a photographer who collected European and American art.

A visit to a museum also means a lot of pretentious talk spewing from the mouths of fellow visitors. The DJ, who knows so little about painting and just a smidgen about photography, generally just enjoys and likes what she likes and moves past what she doesn’t. But one can’t help but hear the talk of others, which lead to a quick photo op in front of a painting that said it all. Final evening tonight is one on the town…

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Avoid the NYC holiday parks with a stroll in Central Park

It wasn’t near sunrise but at least it was before noon when the Dawn Jogger went for a good long stroll around Central Park. The temperature was in the high 40s and, with little wind, very pleasant to be outside. Yet there were far fewer than the normal Saturday crowd, she suspects due to holiday shopping and related activities. Those absent missed some very pretty winter light…

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Two great NYC holiday treats tourists may overlook

Tourists come to NYC and like lemmings, amass at Rockefeller Center, clogging Fifth Ave. The Saks windows and other storefront displays are also the draw. But far fewer seem to find their way to two other NYC holiday gems.

The department store Bergdorf Goodman is also in Fifth Avenue, almost at Central Park. It’s windows are the most sublime and original in the City, or so the Dawn Jogger things.The bonus is that there are far fewer people (at least on a weekday) and one can stand for awhile before each window and really study its originality and complexity. A repeat visit, she’s sure, would reveal of whole new set of sights.

The other treat is the Holiday Train Show at the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx. While it’s billed as a train show, therefore drawing a horde of preschoolers on a late morning weekday, it’s really less about trains and more about fabulous reproductions of NYC landmarks, past and present, all made out of various plant parts. The intricacy is amazing, and well worth the short trip from Grand Central, although she admits the appeal will be greatest for those who know the City and its history. That said, some of the whimsical trains can surely bring a smile…

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