Lots to see this Saturday morning

It’s occurred to the Dawn Jogger that she used to see more when she was running five or so times a week on the the Stanford campus. Now that she’s doing the Dish and other open space runs, there’s less to see – just beautiful scenery and the occasional critter.

That wasn’t the case this morning where it seemed there was something unusual around every corner. She set out on a “reverse” Dish, jogging from home out Alpine to Piers Lane and then going up and over, returning by Lake Lagunita and the Stanford Red Barn and golf course. She hadn’t been on Alpine long when she saw debris on the walking/bike path; it looked like a car must have plowed into a road sign. But when she got closer, she saw a huge hammer in the path, too. Had someone taken out their road rage on the sign and hammered it to smithereens.

Another sighting: a snowy egret was spotted sitting on a branch over one of the few puddles of water, right adjacent to the path. For what ever reason, it seemed to be enjoying the many admirers who were walking or jogging by, staying put rather than flying away. The up close and personal garnered it the top photo spot.

Finally, there was the person who had chosen two trees along the perimeter of Lake Lagunita to spend the night. Whether the person was homeless or an adventurous student is unknown.

The rest of the weekend is all about Grace who’s coming for a visit and an overnight. The DJ is taking her to see the M-A dance team perform tonight…

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