Very chilly start to the day, very strange vehicle

Big wheeled vehicle in Menlo Park

At least it had not been warm in the desert. That made it easier for the Dawn Jogger to greet a very chilly morning – around 30 degrees, according to both of her backyard thermometers. She got off to an early start, wanting to get exercise checked off the list due to other commitments of the day. She chose an up and down hilly four-mile route in Sharon Heights. Along the way, she came upon this interesting big-wheeled vehicle “parked” in one homeowner’s front yard. She thinks she’s seen it driven at the 4th of July parade. And she’ll probably need to follow up for InMenlo…

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1 Response to Very chilly start to the day, very strange vehicle

  1. AmyB says:

    Hey! You were in my neighborhood… It *is* a really cool vehicle. The guy who lives there built it himself. It’s essentially a “bicycle.” He made the tires out of lots of bicycle tires all attached together. There’s a bench for seating — seats 2 or 4 (can’t remember exactly). I seem to recall that it’s not fully functional at the moment…

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