What’s with the District 9 cloud?

Strange shaped cloud over Big Dish

Snowy egret near Big DishWhy the Dawn Jogger got it into her mind that she’d get up early now that the gates to the Big Dish open at 6:00 am she’s not sure. That decision put her back running in the predawn, which was made extra atmospheric by a particularly dark, saucer-shaped cloud that was hovering overhead looking like the spacecraft in District 9. Even as the sky got lighter, the cloud’s distinct shape was apparent. While there was only an occasional sprinkle, the forecast rain kept the usual Dish early exercisers to a minimum – or what it that she was about 1/2 early? The Snowy egret usually found on the Junipero Serra side of the Dish land had made its way all the way to the top. Aligned with an oak tree, it struck a pose…

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1 Response to What’s with the District 9 cloud?

  1. Hi Linda,
    I like your new blog. Your photography is wonderful and you find the most beautiful pieces to capture (I almost said on film) digitally.

    Thanks for sharing on this blog.

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