Two poser morning before the big clean up

The Dawn Jogger arose with one thought on her mind – today was day one of the big garage clean up. It was at the top of the “to do” list and she’d gotten someone to help her. So it was up and out early for a spin around Lake Lagunita before hunkering down to a day of sorting and tossing and keeping.

She’d like to think the fact that she saw not one but two posers was a kind of “go team” rallying cry. They were across the lake from each other – the snowy egret on one side and the Blue Heron on the other – and clearly hunting for breakfast. It at least got her mind off of the chore to come.

Post clean out report: Made a huge dent. Discards already picked up by hauling company. Day two on Monday. And not nearly as awful as she imagined…

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