Big day at Happy Hollow with Grace

It was awake a dawn if not jogging at dawn today. Grace appeared unexpectedly in the Dawn Jogger’s bedroom at 6:30 am this morning, much earlier than she usually rises. She was coaxed into hopping in for another hour but then it was “let’s get going.” The day’s activity was a trip to Happy Hollow Farm and Zoo in San Jose, a first visit for both. The popular family park completed a renovation a year ago and has a mix animals to look at, animals to touch, puppet theater, kiddie rides and various climbing structures – one that extends upward amidst redwood trees.

Grace was most excited by the roller coaster – she clapped in glee as it started up its short climb – but she spent the most time on the big climbing structure, learning how to navigate across roped bridges and sliding down big slides. As they were leaving she posed with her loot – a stuffed owl and a stick. Her attraction to stick mimics that of a typical boy…

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