Farmers market, then Sharon Park with a new friend

at play in Sharon ParkGrace was disappointed yesterday morning when she was served eggs instead of waffles, but the Dawn Jogger had a plan in mind – waffles at Borrone before the farmers market. Of all the things the DJ and Grace do together, the market remains a hit. We ran into a few neighbors today and they presumed, by the look on her face, that she was not happy to be there. But that was a look of determination, as she made her way from vendor to vendor The big prize today – a bunch of Red Dragon carrots. And she loved the Hillview Jazz Band – she could have sat there all morning.

After a stop at home, it was off to Sharon Park where they met up with Marilyn and Lily for a walk around the lake. The big hit – and maybe the hit of the weekend! – was meeting Malea in the adjoining playground. Grace is not normally talkative with kids she meets in playgrounds – or at least she hasn’t been when the DJ has taken her – but from the moment the 4 1/2 year old walked in they were talking and going down the slide together either in tandem or side by side holding hands. Hopefully there will be more meetings, email addresses were exchanged…

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