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Dark, rainy start to the day

The Dawn Jogger knew if was up and out, raining or not, today. One can take a day off due to the elements but not two, except in very extreme instances. She got a little lucky this morning. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Rained out – and a return to the archive

Yes it was Wednesday Dish morning but not only was it raining steadily but the DJ had to run son John to the train – and get to an early morning InMenlo assignment. So the stars aligned to sleep in … Continue reading

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Gettting down to business

When the Dawn Jogger doesn’t post her morning picture until evening, it usually means it’s been a busy day. Today was dedicated to “getting down to business.” That meant working on some estate details and – finally – getting the … Continue reading

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Three for three in the get rained on category

The Dawn Jogger was fully prepared to get rained on when she set out for her Saturday outing. She was somewhat prepared yesterday morning when she took the long way (along the creek) to walk downtown to the farmers market … Continue reading

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Ede aka Nan aka E aka my mother

Today my mother, who died in 2003, would have been 100 years old. I thought about her while dodging rain drops out on my morning jog, as I have been the last couple of weeks as March 19 approached. She’s … Continue reading

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Light drizzle doesn’t bother critters

The weather report was for significant rain during both the morning and afternoon commute today. Maybe that was the reason for the much lower than typical number of people doing the Dish this morning. While it was gusty at times, … Continue reading

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Going for the green, sidetracked by geese

There are so many lush green hillsides at this time of the year that the Dawn Jogger set out before sunrise this morning thinking she capture one of them as St. Patrick’s Day homage. (It just stuck her that this … Continue reading

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