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Yep, that was Obama whizzing by

The Dawn Jogger could offer yet another photo of Lake Lagunita. Or she could use the shot of President Obama’s motorcade whizzing by just a block from her doorstep. Complete details on InMenlo…

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Checking it off the list, one by one

The Dawn Jogger has been having a bit of a frustrating time getting an account the male DJ held at on online brokerage that begins with “e” closed. Many phone calls, many forms, all for a paltry amount. Told yesterday … Continue reading

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Lake Lag takes on a surreal look

As the water in Lake Lagunita evaporates, the lakebed takes on a surreal look. So observed the Dawn Jogger this morning on a spin around its banks. The snowy egret remains a constant…

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First stop, classic car show at M-A

The Dawn Jogger and Scott had a first of the morning assignment to cover America’s Pastime Car Show at M-A. It’s a fun, low-key affair where it’s easy to talk with the owners. One guy had owned his ’57 Chevy … Continue reading

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Hey, isn’t that a boat of sorts?

Stanford may have declared Lake Lagunita “no longer recreational” and the lake itself is shrinking rapidly, but evidently that didn’t deter some industrious students from building a boat. The Dawn Jogger spied it this morning as she jogged lightly around … Continue reading

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Seasons continue, the marriage does not

Life in the Bay Area is marked not only by nature’s changing season but also by commercial seasons. That first became clear to the female Dawn Jogger last year when crab season opened and Peet’s released its Holiday Blend. How … Continue reading

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Sparkling, crisp morning at Baylands

The morning temperature and bright sunshine combined for almost perfect jogging conditions and the Dawn Jogger decided that it was time to check on spring at Baylands. No ducklings yet but a ton of migrating geese. The payoff was almost … Continue reading

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