Grace goes bead hunting with big girl

It finally felt like summer this morning, perfect conditions for a good morning outing for Grace and the Dawn Jogger at the Farmers Market where Grace helped pick out berries, flowers and other provisions. But the big highlight of the day was meeting Sophia, daughter of friend Chrisie and going bead hunting at the Bead Lady’s house before heading to Cafe Zoe for its third anniversary celebration. The lure there was a bounce house as well as a great area out back where there is a play house and baskets of toys to explore. Sophia took her big girl responsibilities seriously, walking with Grace hand in hand. And, of course, pointing out the sparkly beads…

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1 Response to Grace goes bead hunting with big girl

  1. Chrisie says:

    Love the photos. Sophia had a great time and is looking forward to next time when they can play dolls!

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