Late June update on Grace’s garden

The Dawn Jogger is not a gardener, rather she is an appreciator of gardens and, in particular, the bounty of vegetable gardens. But given that the male DJ loved gardening and built a garden in 2010 for granddaughter Grace, it seemed reasonable to keep the garden going this year, with Grace’s involvement, of course.

So she started by buying some lettuce, squash, cucumber and tomato seedlings at the Menlo Park farmers market. Then Grace planted carrot, bean and sunflower seeds on Easter day. To date, the garden has exceeded all expectations. The lettuce grew to be gorgeous purple/green heads, the last of which will be eaten later today. The beans are set to produce a huge bounty, and yesterday Grace noticed the first buds of what will be sunflowers.

With a few empty patches to be filled, the DJ once again made some purchases at the farmers market this morning, buying two varieties of tomatoes to plant in the box vacated by the lettuce. They’ve been put in the ground and cages are on the list to purchase tomorrow. Who would have thought…

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