Red canoe takes center stage

Lake Lagunita June 2011

The Dawn Jogger has always thought it somewhat ironic that she sees considerably more people around the Stanford campus during the summer than she does during the school year. This is due, of course, to the various “revenue generators” that populate the campus during the summer, the granddaddy of which is the Stanford Executive Program, a six-week residential program costing a cool $58,000 (with an extra $5,800 for “individual development”).

This morning she spotted a new crop of golf campers, appearing to be college age kids, older than the younger crew she’d seen a couple of weeks back. There were also some high school (or college, hard to say) age people walking or jogging around Lake Lagunita (small frogs beware!). A group went down to inspect the red canoe and, for a moment, considered getting into it. Without much water to paddle in they moved on. As did the Dawn Jogger…

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