Peninsula air conditioning makes for good Arastradero outing

Young deer at Arastradero Preserve

While it was admittedly later than usual, the Dawn Jogger awoke to sunshine rather than overcast skies this morning. But the fog bank was still hugging the western hills, which meant it would be stay cool enough for an outing to Arastradero Preserve. The loop that she used to do every Friday morning with the male DJ and Cassie is a good up and down without being killer but can get hot during the summer. One of her early morning Dish exercisers had told her that there had been a fire at this Preserve, just days after the Piers Lane bridge burning, and she saw evidence of it. Whether arson or not has not been determined. The highlight of the morning was a young deer who peered at her motionless. Was it still learning how humans act?…

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