Grace in the gray of the morning – and in the person of the same name

barn at Burleigh Murray Ranch preserve

The Dawn Jogger does feel like a bit of a whiner, complaining about her over the top full days, especially when they are so pleasant. Today began with a hike with friend and InMenlo contributing photographer Frances Freyberg at the Burleigh Murray Ranch near Half Moon Bay. Yes, she was once again coastside, today to interview the owner of the Dahlia Farm, which Frances had arranged. The immense flowers are sold at the Menlo Park Farmers Market.

The main attraction at the Ranch is the “bank barn” built in 1889 by landowner Robert Mills, which is set into the hillside, allowing farmers to drive loads up to the second floor. According to signage, the barn was built with little cross-bracing and has shifted from its foundation. Temporary braces were added in 1992. It has also been taken over by nature, giving it an ethereal feel, but remains the only recorded building of its type in California.

While the DJ and Frances were enjoying an after interview/photo shoot sandwich at a cafe along Main St. in Half Moon Bay proper, she got a call that Miss Grace was back in town. She’d been on extended tour with her other grandmother in Southern California but was now receiving visitors in Oakland, so off the DJ headed, spending a pleasant afternoon with Grace and baby brother James. Duly noted: The gusto with which big sister kisses littler brother…

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