The man who won Kitty’s heart

Toshi Sakuma at Kaygetsu restaurant

Yes, the DJ got up before dawn for her daily jog around town. But it was where she was just before dusk that seems more important today.

One of the side issues of losing a spouse is that you’re left without a fact checker. That became clear when the female DJ went to eat sushi as prepared by Toshi for what may be one last time. As will be reported on InMenlo tomorrow, Keiko and Toshi Sakuma are closing their restaurant Kaygetsu at the end of the month. The DJs dined there far less often than they did at the couple’s sushi-only restaurant that graced El Camino for nine years. They were frequent customers, whether eat in or take out, almost from the day it opened in 1994.

The female DJ likes to think that is was Toshi who convinced Kitty, who came to them somtime in 19??, that she’d landed in a pretty good house. Or maybe it was Toshi’s sushi that convinced Kitty that guests really were ok in her adopted home, hopping up on the table outside when friend Cindy was here for a summer dinner. Whatever the truth, there’s no denying that Toshi’s sushi is a special treat, whether you’re a cat or a human…

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1 Response to The man who won Kitty’s heart

  1. Beaz says:

    Great post – Kitty arrived in 1996. I LOVED Toshi’s!

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