The Dawn Jogger’s marriage to Chris and Steve

The Dawn Jogger is a bit surprised at her sadness about Steve Jobs’ death. She didn’t know the man and has heard horror stories about his management style during both his first and second stint at Apple. All that aside, his passing gnaws at her.

This morning she did a three-mile walk around old Palo Alto in advance of an InMenlo interview. The route took her past the Jobs family home. It reminded her of those couple of years she commuted east along Embarcadero and the frequent sightings of Steve taking one (or more) of his children to Walter Hays School.

And then it sort of hit her: Steve Jobs was as much a part of her life as was husband Chris. She’s sure that Apple never released a product that Chris did not purchase. Finding some of the most obscure of these during the garage clean out earlier this year, she contacted a friend who works for Apple, and he was delighted to fetch the “still in the box” loot for the Apple library. That Chris also worked for Apple for five years made it all the more sweet.

Until proven otherwise, Chris remains Apple’s biggest fan. But here’s the rub. She can’t believe he’s not here to hash over just what Steve and Apple meant to him. How do you live through a death when someone is already dead…

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