A day of taste treats and horses

Good meal deal and horses, all in one day, equal a pretty good day in the Dawn Jogger’s mind. Add to that the kind of warm fall weather that folks in the Bay Area are accustomed to, and it has all the makings a a really good day.

The DJ has always found Sundays difficult, more so now that she spends them largely alone. The emptiness of this first day of new week isn’t softened even by a great visit with Grace and the gang on Saturday. Sunday stands starkly alone.

On this Sunday morning, the DJ was at the farmers market soon after it opened and then did a walk around the Stanford campus. She checked in to preparations for the Red Barn festival that was happening later in the afternoon and found herself surprised at the how big horses have become, or better stated, the largeness of currently fashionable horses. (Her off-the-track-Thoroughbred Dandy was a wisp compared to the big gelding she saw today being walking prior to an official appearance.)

After the second Sunday of the month Taize service at Trinity, there was the “good deal” Sunday supper ($25 for three courses) at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley shared with the Loftesness family. Her photo of the first course tuna tartar doesn’t do the dish justice – it was yummy…

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