Taize in the morning, Kent in the evening

The Dawn Jogger is running a bit on fumes given that it’s almost 11:00 pm here at Watermill House (photos tomorrow) in Benenden, Kent, UK, the last stop on her journey. The House’s importance to the male DJ’s life also promised for tomorrow.

She arose well before dawn this morning to attend the morning service at Taize, then set out for the Macon TGV station (train no. 1) that took her and traveling companion Kent (one of the male DJ’s oldest friend) to Paris where that had lunch at a brassiere across from Paris Nord. Then Eurostar to London (train #2). Then Underground to London Tower stop (train #3). Then train to can’t-remember-the stop (train #4). Then by car to pick up Kent’s son Titus and onto Watermill House where wife Celia was waiting. Yes, a very long day of traveling…

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