Walking in the Kent countryside on a mild October day

Kent countryside in October 2011

woods in Kent, EnglandThe rolling hills and fields around Watermill House in Benenden, Kent, England have always been a favorite of the Dawn Joggers. It’s here the male DJ came as a teenager to visit the Barkers, who had taken him under their wing when he was attending Taunton School in Somerset.

Watermill House was built in the 15th century and purchased by the Barker family in 1930. The renovation took another 30 years, partially due to World War II. The male DJ bought his bride to Watermill House in 1981 and she, too, became fond of it and its inhabitants. She’s now bought a bit of him back (the final bit, to be exact) to always enjoy the beauty of the English countryside. (The male DJ’s 2006 post and this post vary on some facts – consider hers the updated facts.)

Host Kent, his dog Myrtle, and the female DJ did a wonderful 90 minute jaunt on the High Weald Landscape Trail around noon this morning. They walked along ridge tops and through ancient English woodland, mainly oak and beech. Oh to be in England, now that October is here…

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